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Google redesigns the Pay app to take on Venmo and Mint
Home » Google redesigns the Pay app to take on Venmo and Mint

Google redesigns the Pay app to take on Venmo and Mint

Since Pay’s launch in 2015, it now sees more than 150 million monthly users in 30 countries. “But there’s so much more we can do,” general manager for Google Pay Caesar Sengupta said. Managing our finances is too difficult for most Americans today. A new Insights section of the app can help ease that stress, Google said. This page will show all your spending and pull information from connected bank accounts, credit and debit cards. It will remind you when bills are due, alert you to large purchases (in case of suspicious activity) and show you your weekly expenditure.

This sounds a lot like finance app Mint, but since it’s a Google product, Pay also integrates a powerful search tool to surface insights. “Google Pay has a semantic understanding of the word food and it also understands places where I’ve bought food,” said director of product management Josh Woodward.

You can search for food or “gas last month” and find those specific transactions. You can even get more nitty gritty, especially if you’ve linked your cards and photos. If you took a picture of your receipt at REI, for instance, you can search for the word “tent” and Google will even scan your Photos to find that word and pull up that transaction.

With all that sensitive data saved in one spot, privacy and security are obviously important.

Google wants to help you better understand your finances and is announcing something called Plex to do that.

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