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In Pursuit Of The Digitally Unbreakable Enterprise

In Pursuit Of The Digitally Unbreakable Enterprise

Are you prepared for a post-pandemic future? Learn the building blocks of unwavering resilience.

Resilient organizations aren’t built overnight.

It takes time to pull together the people, products, and infrastructure that make up a bulletproof business. But even the most stalwart of companies can break when faced with highly adverse conditions.

The global pandemic put unprecedented pressure on people and processes—from office shutdowns to broken supply chains, fractured lines of communication, and economic and emotional uncertainty. Now that we seem to have survived the worst Covid-19 could throw at us, it’s time to transform our organizations into something more agile, more resilient—maybe even “unbreakable”—to withstand future disruption and grow stronger when the next crisis hits.

How we respond to adversity

The pandemic created physical risk for people and severe economic consequences for companies trying to adapt to the new normal.

Today, those challenges are exacerbated by new dangers such as virus mutations that threaten public health, complex vaccine distribution protocols that impact back-to-work policies, and ongoing struggles like racial injustice, social strife, and material threats to our government institutions.

In any other time, responding to adversity might be a straightforward exercise—companies often refocus on agility and adaptability in response to broken processes and an uncertain environment. At least in the short term, they center their strategy around how to withstand the current state. However, as companies begin to navigate the post-pandemic era, they will need to do more than just ride out the storm.

Today’s unique challenges demand a fresh approach, one that goes beyond resilience and sets us up for long-term performance.

Workflows to the rescue

Digital workflows provide relief for the most stressed elements of our organizations.

By digitizing processes such as IT service, HR, and customer support, we bridge fragmented and siloed business activities—connecting people, systems, devices, and data to support productive, resilient workforces. We can (and must) tap into technology and tools like AI, robotic process automation (RPA), process mining, and self-service to lay a foundation for the unbreakable enterprise.

But technology can only go so far in future-proofing an organization. It must be complemented with thoughtful strategies and policies to achieve truly transformational value.

Business leaders can develop core company characteristics that lead to an unbreakable state. These are the building blocks of unwavering resilience, and they are all achievable with the right focus and resources. They include:

  • Culture: Creating a company culture that supports professional development, diversity, personal growth, and day-to-day job satisfaction.
  • Mission: Having a stated mission and corporate values that employees embrace to remain grounded and focused on achieving a common goal.
  • Workplace: Providing a safe and efficient workplace, especially in the post-pandemic world where employees must be shown that their well-being is a vital company imperative.
  • Communication: Empowering employees to share ideas and collaborate. Managers and executives must keep communication lines open and be receptive to new ideas.
  • Innovation: Pursuing fresh ideas, experimenting with new business processes and workflows, and approaching problems from different angles to create unique solutions.
  • Change management: Adapting seamlessly to organizational growth, adverse conditions, or changing market dynamics that impact competitiveness.
  • Embracing risk: Encouraging your people to take calculated business risks.

 Stay connected

Every resilient organization is a connected ecosystem that encompasses people, operations, data, and systems—with digital workflows serving as the connective tissue that holds it all together.

Connected workflows eliminate operational busywork and give employees more time to focus on innovation and organizational success. Combined with the right ideals and values, they deliver a powerful formula for continued resilience.

From the disorder of uncertain times comes an opportunity to reimagine the outdated elements of our organizations. When companies focus on becoming unbreakable, they set the scene for enduring success.

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Mariella Moon

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