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The 5 biggest sustainability challenges our clients currently face

A specific pressure point is single-use packaging. Many regions are forcing companies to shift to more sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives: even if “sustainability” is not a major theme within a corporate strategy, companies have to tackle this specific issue. 

But packaging redesigns can also be a significant growth opportunity for a business. Times have changed. When products are shipped and sold via new eCommerce channels, they don’t require the same anti-theft and POS-branded packaging as in the old days. Requirements for these products are shifting, making this is a great moment to take the leap and launch a better solution. 

For many businesses, a packaging redesign can even be a cost-saving exercise. The re-use of containers, lighter materials, and fewer steps in production can lead to financial gains. When margins are under pressure, a packaging redesign exercise can help.

Another very specific battleground is rethinking energy consumption across the full value chain and production process. Again, sustainability doesn’t need to be a dominant driver: using less energy often means wasting less money, making it a strong incentive for businesses to improve their energy performance.

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