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Valentine’s Day Your Hotel Might Have This AI Massage Bed Funded By Adobe Founder John Warnock
Home » Valentine’s Day Your Hotel Might Have This AI Massage Bed Funded By Adobe Founder John Warnock

Valentine’s Day Your Hotel Might Have This AI Massage Bed Funded By Adobe Founder John Warnock

“It will stabilize your body temperature, align your spine and even rock you to sleep,” Bryte co-founder and CEO Ely Tsern told me about his AI smart bed being showcased in luxury hotels this holiday weekend.

From The London West Hollywood to the Park Terrace New York City and other boutiques across the U.S., tech executives, celebrities and TikTok stars have been secretly buying this $8,000 bed after experiencing it in five star sleep suites, he said.

But even as Elon Musk, Larry Ellison and Peter Thiel leave California to start innovation hubs elsewhere, reports of Silicon Valley’s demise have been greatly exaggerated, Tsern said. “It’s still the best place to build your tech company.”

His Series A startup closed a pandemic round in January bringing total funding to $29 million with the help of his Los Altos neighbors. Prominent among them is John Warnock, the legendary co-founder and former chair of Adobe.

Having funded PEEL Therapeutics which is developing Covid-19 drugs and his son’s beverage startup Hiball which was acquired by Anheuser-Busch in 2017, Warnock decided to back Bryte, his first AI investment, because he recognized it had a fast track to market.

“I was most impressed with their plan to license their technology to mattress manufacturers as an inexpensive path to potentially large distribution. They’re close to landing substantial deals and I saw similarities with how we built Adobe,” Warnock told me as he shared the story of his legendary deal with Steve Jobs that turned his startup into a $200 billion software giant.

“The key to Adobe’s success was licensing PostScript to Apple. Apple invested in us and we proceeded to knock off every major printer manufacturer until we became the industry standard, then we moved into the application business.” he said.

As one of the great pioneers of the tech industry, Warnock has lived through many economic shocks and is unfazed by the current tech exodus. “I think the Valley is still very healthy. Financial support is good and there is a lot of talent from Stanford and UC Berkeley,” he said. “Technology is just part of the atmosphere.”

In addition to Warnock, Bryte has attracted investment from former Skype and GoPro CEO Tony Bates, former Rambus president Dave Mooring, and ARCHina Capital co-founder Amy Huang, who led the Series A round. UC Berkeley professor Matthew Walker, author of the New York Times bestseller Why We Sleep, is also an advisor to the company.

Founded in 2016 by tech veterans Ely Tseng, John Tompane, and Jonny Farringdon, the company shipped its first product in April 2019 and has since logged over 50,000 nights. The Bryte bed leverages machine learning and advanced digital signal processing to auto-adjust 100 computer-controlled pneumatic coils to optimize sleep. Built-in sensors track heart rate and body temperature, and sleep insights are provided on a companion app. An AI concierge named AIDEN learns user preferences through daily feedback. Unique features include a gentle wave motion to trigger deep sleep and gradual warming to wake for peak REM.

Sleep market has been estimated to be more than a half trillion dollar industry by research firm Frost & Sullivan. Bryte competitors include OOLER by ChiliPad, Eight Sleep and Sleep Number.

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